Spiritual To-Do List

Welcome. BruchimHaBaim to BayitShelanu (Our House).

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During the months ahead Jews will celebrate the New Year of Trees-Tu B’Shvat(January 17) Purim (March 16-17) and Pesach (April 15-23). Some use birthdays or new years to create to-do lists.  We encourage you to consider experiences that will enhance your spiritual to-do list and enrich your Jewish soul. Here are a few possibilities as we move through the year:

Acquire Study Lead

Acquire at least one Jewish skill that you do with your hands rather your head. Judaism is meant to be experienced with the whole body. Create a menorah, a seder plateBuild a sukkah. Crochet a kippah. Cook a holiday meal or food for someone struggling.

StudyRabban Gamliel,a Jewish sage, wrote: Don’t say, “I will study when I have a free moment.” Who has a free moment?The things that are our true priorities are the things we actually scheduleinto our lives. Join an online or in-person Torah class. Share a Jewish book with a reading group. Learn. Deepen your understanding of Judaism

Lead a Passover SederThe experience of preparing to lead a Seder can be one of the most intellectually challenging, thought-provokingand entertaining tasks of a Jewish year.  And it’s a palpable way to experience continuity with thousands of years of Jewish history. 

Here’s to the health of our community and the rich possibilities ahead!


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