Chanukah comes at the end of the year, the darkest time on the calendar, to remind us that light comes in many forms. It comes in values and human rights, in Tikkun Olam (helping repair the world) and celebration of the arts, in community and connection. 

As a Jewish community we welcome 2023 and in the months ahead will embrace Tu B’shvat (the New Year of the Trees) that emphasizes how important it is that we as a community support nature and nourish it. If we do that for trees, how much the more so should we be doing it for human beings?! We will celebrate Purim in. the spring and the right to be Jews, indeed, the right of all peoples to stand up for themselves, and then turn to Passover and the Festival of Freedom. 

Magen David Mandala

We at Bayit Shelanu (Our House) affirm both our heritage and history but also our desire to lift our voices joining our people across the globe in saying, “Hineni” Here I am” as Abraham did when called by the Source of Creation. We help make this world better by grounding ourselves in these values, embracing them, and taking responsibility for bringing shalom into the world, each in our own way and together as a community.

L'Chaim. To Life! 

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