Tashlich A La Carte-2022 

Taking ordinary breadcrumbs to Tashlich lacks subtlety, nuance, and religious sensitivity. 

We can do better. Instead: 

For ordinary sins, use - White Bread

For exotic sins - French Bread

For committing arson - Toast

For exotic arson - French Toast

For complex sins - Multi-grain

For twisted sins - Pretzels

For sins of indecision - Waffles

For sins committed in haste - Short Bread

For telling small lies – Fudge cake

For being too extravagant with your carpeting - Ruggelach

For overindulgence - Stuffing

For excessive use of irony - ”Rye” Bread

For telling bad jokes - Corn Bread

For sins of pride - Puff Pastry

For snobbery - Upper Crust

For cruelty to animals - "PITA"

For promiscuity - Hot Buns

For showing off - Hot Dog Buns

For dropping in on your Friends without calling First - Popovers

For being a complainer - ”Oyyyyy”-ster Crackers 

Adapted by Mel Powell