if not now when quote 2IF NOT NOW - WHEN

If not now 

When we finally graduate

When we get married and have children
When the children leave for college
When we’ve saved enough money and retire

How much of life

Have we procrastinated away
How much pleasure have we postponed
How much fulfillment have we failed to grasp 
How much love have we withheld or rejected

If not now

When will we embrace nature
hugging trees and showering under waterfalls
When will we dance in the rain
shivering with delight at our own daring

When will we get dirt under our fingernails
gardening or sensually sculpting in clay 
When will we savor the food we crave
rather than ceding to gluttony or abstinence 

If not now

When will we read for the sheer pleasure
of exploring other lives, divergent realities
When we explore the exotic places 
we’ve only read about in books

When will we luxuriate in the bubble baths 
of our forgotten childhood
When will we sleep under the summer sun 
warming the recesses of our bodies

If not now

When will we appreciate  
the sublime in the ordinary
and relish the present moment 
instead of regretting the past or planning the future

When will we grant ourselves the grace
of knowing we have done enough
We are enough
It is time to simply be

To be 

Content within ourselves
To spend more time with the people we love
doing the things that bring us alive
The things that feed our deepest yearnings

If not you - who
If not now - when